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My First DNF: The 2018 Barkley Marathons

I am not liking the trend in titles on my blog lately; words like "fall" and "DNF".  Had I been able to put "pen to paper" on my Run Rabbit Run 100 experience I am sure the words "Epic $h!% Show" could have been a suitable designation for a blog entry.  They say we learn more from our failures than our successes so shouldn't I be an ultrarunning Yoda by now?

I struggled with what to write here. I will choose my words carefully. Everything about Barkley is steeped in mystery yet paradoxically common knowledge (I am not even sure that made sense, it just sounded fitting). The line between what is taboo and what is acceptable to be mentioned is somewhat blurry. I will stick to my experience here.

My Experience

On March 22, I arrived to Frozen Head State Park along with my boyfriend Ryan, dog Titus, and good friend Leon Lutz (who had crewed for Heather Anderson and Jamil Coury in past years).  We had driven from PA in a rented Dodge Cara…

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