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Silver Linings at Dawn to Dusk to Dawn

Or for me it was Dawn to Dusk...

The 24 hour had always been an elusive beast for me.  It was the first flavor of ultra I ever attempted and for years I was nagged by the feeling that I could do so much better than I was doing at this event.  It took almost four years for me to get it right.  My first attempt was in July 2011. The result was 97 miles by the skin of my teeth. Then one fateful  weekend in November 2014, everything just clicked and I ticked off 142 miles on a one mile loop at NJ One Day. That race earned me a spot on the 2015 USA 24 Hour Team. From there I went on to compete at Worlds in Turin, Italy, where our women's team won Gold and I personally logged 146.5 miles (or something like that).  I ran a 24 hour that July (the same event that had been my first) with the purpose of a win.  It was a hot and slow race for me but I pulled off a win in tough, "typical July in Philly conditions."  Then I happily and completely switched my focus to trails.

That was…

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